Read it and Sleep

Konnikova-Sleep-p1-690If you’re anything like I am, sleep can be elusive at times.  It seems to be a phenomenon in today’s highly active electronic world.  Go, go, go and you do nothing without your electronic device.

I wanted to share this great 3-part article in the New Yorker magazine by Maria Konnikova.  She’s gathered some impressive research that’s been done on sleep trends in the US.  Not surprisingly she concludes we are all sleep-deprived zombies.  Ultimately, she says, the one consistent sleep remedy, along with a few others, is reading  – reading real books that don’t shine bright lights into your eyes right before you try to sleep.  We all know this but it’s hard to put down the computer, the Nook or any other reading gadget, and just read a book.   Why Is Sleep So Elusive?

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