The Plover – a must read for seagoers

Friends, I have to give a shout out to The Plover.  This book had special meaning for me and, I suppose, to others who have spent long periods of time sailing in open waters.

The Plover brought to mind a quote I’ve had framed for decades:

“Would you — so the helmsman answered, Learn the secret of the sea? 

Only those who brave its dangers Comprehend its mystery!”            

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

9781250062451 (2)If you love the magic of the sea, you will love this book.  It is charming in every way.  It had me laughing, crying and wishing it would never end.   That is the beauty of this well-written mystical story with real-life meaning. But like any long distance ocean voyage, this book had a few doldrums in the way of one-page sentences here and there, not many, but watch out for those.  The author, Brian Doyle, is local and  lives in Portland, OR.  I’m particularly proud that such a creative and engaging story came from one of our own.  He’s developed a group of characters, not all human, and created a sea adventure that will keep you reading, not just for the adventure, but for the life lessons, emotions and insights into the human spirit.  Plover was a delightful book.  I was sad it ended and I still think about it weeks later.  It’s a keeper.  I loved it.

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